RTTQA Group Vision Statement

To provide centrally co-ordinated Radiotherapy Quality Assurance for all relevant NIHR CRN portfolio trials to eliminate bias due to systematic variation in radiotherapy delivery. To enable high quality practice-changing techniques to be adopted for the benefit of cancer patients nationwide. To provide a radiotherapy data resource which will inform improvements in the wider health economy.

The RTTQA group is a centralised UK resource providing national RT QA programmes for all NIHR CRN Portfolio trials that include a radiotherapy component. The group exists as a single multi-professional network of radiographers, clinical scientists, clinicians, IT and admin staff working across a number of NHS sites

The group provides direct interaction with a trial chief investigator, the relevant clinical trials unit (CTU), the trial management group (TMG) and local centres and individually formulates a QA programme to be delivered for each trial and undertakes the processes required to fulfil the programme.

The RTTQA group monitors adherance to a trial protocol and hence serves to minimise variations ensuring clinical trial outcomes reflect differences in randomisation schedules rather than departures from the trial protocol.









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