Phase III randomised controlled trial Comparing Alternative Regimens for escalating treatment of intermediate and high-risk oropharyngeal cancer

Trial summary:

CompARE is a phase III randomised trial comparing overall survival time and quality of life from five alternative treatments for high and intermediate risk oropharyngeal cancer. Arms 2. 3 & 4 are closed to recruitment and current randomisation is between Arm 1 (control arm) and Arm 5 (induction durvalumab followed by Arm 1 treatment).

RT QA summary:

All QA activity will be streamlined with previous trial QA, where applicable. Please contact the RTTQA Group directly using the contact details below to discuss.

QA ProcessQA ActivityRequired for TrialAdditional Details
Pre-AccrualFacility Questionnaire
Outlining Benchmark Case
Planning Benchmark Case
Dummy Run
During AccrualIndividual Case ReviewProspective outline and planning reviews for at least first case. Benchmark and prospective outlining for implementation of 5+5 technique.
Data collectionAll patients

RTTQA contact:

Chief investigator: Prof Hisham Mehanna (University of Birmingham)

RT Lead: Dr Andrew Hartley (University Hospitals Birmingham)

Sponsor: University of Birmingham (

Funder: Clinical Trials Awards and Advisory Committee (CTAAC) and AstraZeneca