Data Upload

Many trials will require some or all radiotherapy data is submitted to the RTTQA team. What is required should be described in the trial radiotherapy QA document.

Submission of data is via the RTTQA portal at datauk. Each radiotherapy centre will have its own, unique upload link password, using the same link and password for all trials. For further information, please contact the RTTQA lead for the trial.

Suggested process for preparing data for submission

Confirm what data is required, this may depend on several aspects and should be described in the trial radiotherapy QA documentation. Most trials will require planning CT, structure set, plan and dose files, however some may also request diagnostic scans, registration files and supplementary data such as clinical history and plan assessment forms.

It is important that all data that is submitted is anonymised prior to upload. Some treatment planning systems have features that can do this automatically, check with local teams if this is adequate. Alternatively, there are several freely available programs (e.g. DICOM Cleaner) that may be used.

For anonymisation, ensure clarity of new labelling, perhaps use the patient trial ID for both name and ID number.

From the treatment planning system, export and anonymise the plan data and store locally. Repeat with other scans as appropriate.

If clinical history and diagnostic scan reports are required, collate these in a single document, taking care to remove identifying and unnecessary information – the RTTQA contact for the trial should be able to confirm specifics of what is required.

Once all data is gathered under a single folder, with sub-folders containing appropriate data, compress using standard software.

Submission of data

Using your centre’s unique link and password open and login to the datauk portal.

Click on “Select or drop files” and choose the zipped file to upload.

A confirmation statement will display beneath the “Select or drop files” icon once upload is complete.

Email the RTTQA contact and inform them that data has been sent.